Stars, Stars, and All Eyes

Swerdlow Art Group is pleased to present Stars, Stars, and All Eyes. Curated in collaboration with Nicholas Swerdlow and Bill Dunlap, the artist whose works we are proud to exhibit in his solo show.

In this contemporary era, Bill Dunlap offers a provocative representation of the ethos of a complex post- modern world. His body of work stands as a holistic demonstration of humanism, intellect, aesthetics, and artistic aptitude; his works are wholly informed by a grand repertoire of art historical sources, literary masterpieces, poetic genius, and contemporary consciousness. Whether inspired by his existential ideology–harkening back to the epoch of Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon—or his keen interest in augmenting and appropriating from the Northern Renaissance and Spanish Romanticism, Dunlap’s works transcend his contemporaries, exposing the animating force of the modern condition. This fearlessness is translated expressively in his paintings, murals, and lyrical compositions exposing the spirit, leading the viewer into a self-reflective examination of one’s inner substance.

Stars, Stars, and All Eyes is a comprehensive presentation of the visceral and raw trappings of man with a whimsical flourish, as many of his works reflect both his art historical insight and the non-traditional aesthetic that has driven much of contemporary street art. Informed by characters of both high and low—popular culture, acclaimed literature and classical poetry—the exhibition illuminates Dunlap’s breadth and depth in his artistic practice.

Bill Dunlap, born and raised in Cumberland, Maryland, represents the uninhibited artistic mind. His works stand in direct discourse with masterpieces ranging from Rembrandt to Goya, making him a unique participant in the ongoing dialogue of contemporary art history in the making. Dunlap received a Bachelors of Arts in Literature at the University of Maryland, continuing his education with a Masters Degree from the College of Creative Arts in San Francisco.

As a complement to his Black Paintings and Line Drawings, this body of work presents the visceral and raw, juxtaposed against the beautiful and symbolic. As the exhibition’s title suggests, these multi-layered works will scintillate before the viewer’s eyes.