The Miami Herald on Carlos Salas “At MOCA North Miami: The world according to Carlos Salas”

A History for Each Painting #9

Swerdlow Art Group is pleased to present Carlos Salas and his recent retrospective at MOCA North Miami, which received wonderful praise from George Fishman of the Miami Herald.

“The show feels coherent, clearly reflective of Salas’ singular point of view. Whatever his principal palette choices for a given series — golden hues or deep oceanic blue-greens — the works conjure softly nuanced volumetric spaces. An underlying grid is sometimes visible beneath multicolored drips, streams, blotches, meandering lines, stains and clusters of linear incisions — even snappedchalk lines. Like calligraphy or musical notation, these constitute Salas’ distinctive language of mark-making and provide a complex rhythmic punctuation that weaves across the often diaphanous veils of thinner paint.”

You can read the entire article in The Miami Herald here.


Installation view of Carlos Salas: Latin American and the Global Imagination at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. 2015