Stars, Stars, and All Eyes
Nov 29th – Dec 14th 2014
Miami, Swerdlow Art Group

Stars, Stars, and All Eyes is a comprehensive presentation of the visceral and raw trappings of man with a whimsical flourish, as many of his works reflect both his art historical insight and the non-traditional aesthetic that has driven much of contemporary street art.

Opening Reception
Saturday, Nov. 29th, 6pm -9pm
Miami, Swerdlow Art Group

Artist Talk
Wednesday, Dec. 3rd, 10am -11am
Miami, Swerdlow Art Group

As part of a weeklong art talk series, MoCA North Miami presents a morning conversation with artist Bill Dunlap.


Swerdlow Art Group is pleased to present Stars, Stars, and All Eyes. Curated in collaboration with Nicholas Swerdlow and Bill Dunlap, the artist whose works we are proud to exhibit in his solo show. In this contemporary era, Bill Dunlap offers a provocative representation of the ethos of a complex post- modern world. His body […]